The YTS Universal Tracksetter meets all the requirements for hydraulically operated tracksetting behind an snowcat.

Universal Tracksetter

  • With more than 170 degrees of rotation, the trackplate moves up and over the tiller without linkage or fragile gears.  The track arm is very long with excellent lateral control for the smoothest track lines around.  Solid construction provides years of versatile and trouble free operation.  High density polyethelene track molds and plastic base materials keep the tracksetter free from icing.  The cutters in front of the track molds are stainless steel and very aggressive. The lift arm and cylinder are lightweight, compact, and clamp to a 3" x 3" steel or aluminum tube.  YTS Universal Tracksetters can be used singly, or in any combination of numbers to suit the needs of your cross country area. 

  • Shipped with UPS