Looking for a Ginzugroomer for your Snow Cat?  The YTS 108" Steel Ginzugroomer is the perfect solution!


Disclaimer: The photo of the steel 108 is incorrect. The latest version is identical to the aluminum 108" Ginzugroomer with the exception of steel side rails, steel pan, improved tow bar, and improved hitch. A hydraulically actuated wheelkit is also available for this product.

108" Steel Ginzugroomer


    Steel Ginzugroomer with wheel kit and two tracksetters.
    Ginzugroomers and wheel kits can be fitted with electric actuators or hydraulic cylinders.  


    Wheel kits:  Hydarulic, 2 wheels per side:  $995    Electric, 2 wheels per side:  $1195

  • There is a $165 crating fee with each order. 

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