The YTS HDPE Roller Compactor is built for fast preparation of ski trails regardless of new snow depth.  While some other compactors will work only in small snow accumulations, the combination of roller and finisher in one unit compacts and finishes snow in one pass.


The Roller material is high-density polyethylene, one of the toughest, slickest materials available today.  The polyurethane finisher is pressed firmly onto the snow with two gas springs.  The compactor lifts up and can be fastened for backing up.  The frame is well constructed to protect all moving parts.  A Lightweight Tracksetter can be attached to the rear crossbar (with optional hitch) to compact, finish and set track in one pass.

Standard Roller & Compactor

  • $135 crating fee added to every order. The roller crate is 81.5" wide, 44.5" deep, and 29" tall.

    • Weight:  250#                                    
    • Roller width:  66”                                 
    • Roller diameter:  28”                             
    • Compactor width:  72”                          
    • Compactor Comb width:  80”         

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