Note: The updated Lightweight Tracksetter is blue and uses a yoke-style connection to the pan. We'll update the photos as soon as it snows!


Very compact and of sturdy steel construction, the YTS Lightweight Tracksetter can meet the tracksetting needs of the private homeowner or groups on a budget. The lightweight tracksetter can be dragged behind a snowmobile or attached to a standard roller . It has the same track pofile blocks and precutters that are used on the standard tracksetter. We recommend adding 50-100 lbs of weight to this tracksetter.


1/14/2019: The photo has been updated to show the type of hitch that the Lightweight Tracksetter uses.

Lightweight Tracksetter

  • Deep side skags, in conjunction with a long drawbar, provide excellent stability and very smooth track lines.  The asymmetrical track mold is made of HDPE to virtually eliminate any icing problems.  Stainless steel precutters in front of the track molds slice through hard surfaces.  The weight pin is included, and will accept up to three steel weight plates for compressing the snow.  It also has 2 pockets for 2  8” x 16” concrete blocks.  It is powder coated to ensure a long life.