The Ginzugroomer Tracksetter is run from the snowmobile with an electric actuator, with switched raising and lowering just like a snow cat. The down pressure is adjustable up to 250 lbs. The fiberglass rod flexes for accurate, precise tracking in curves.

Ginzugroomer Tracksetter

  • The tracksetter base is formed from a single 3/8” thick thermo-formed HDPE sheet, with a laser cut aluminum top plate, 23.5" wide x 23" long. The base is very slick for no icing and the combination of aluminum skin and plastic base is 30% lighter than the previous model.

    Maintenance is cut to almost zero as paint is eliminated. The precutters are double edged stainless steel with serrated side wings and the track molds are made of 1 ¼” HDPE.

  • The tracksetter base is usually packed in a 26" x 26" x 8" box and is packed inside the ginzugroomer crate prior to shipping. The tracksetter mounting arm and actuator is attached to the groomer.