The YTS Gooseneck Hitch is an optional component that replaces the standard hitch. It increases maneuverability, steering, and traction. With the Gooseneck Hitch, the groomer and snowmobile can be turned around in very small area. It works just like a gooseneck hitch on a pickup truck. The base has 7 holes, 1/4" diameter, across the front and back edges with 4 holes along the sides. It should be installed in the cargo area behind the seat of a typical snowmobile. Holes will be drilled in the alumuminum deck to allow the plate to be bolted on top of the cargo deck. The gooseneck hitch system uses a 1 7/8" ball. The hitch is approximately 41" from the mounting plate on the drawbar to the center of the 1 7/8" ball. Please note that five different sizes of gooseneck hitch plates are available as shown in the photos. The sizes are: (A) 8.5" x 16" with reinforced edges - this is the original gooseneck hitch plate design (B) 9.5" x 18" - recommended for a modern Bearcat 7000. This plate will span across the rails on the cargo area. (C) 11" square - often used on the rear deck of a modern SkiDoo Skandic. (D) The plate for a 2020+ Skandic WT (E) The plate for a 2020+ Skandic SWT If purchased without the plate the price is $500.

Ginzu Gooseneck Hitch

    • WEIGHT:  53 lbs