The new Electric Roller/Compactor or E Roller adds an actuator to the drawbar that can completely lift the roller drum off the snow, placing all the weight on the redesigned compactor section.  It also lifts the compactor off the snow. The redesigned compactor is heavier, wider (depth), and has a heavier urethane finisher with two rows of comb.  Each comb end can be indivdually replaced.  The outer corners of the comb are reinforced.  IMPROVED PERFORMANCE in wet, sticky snow.  Better compaction in all conditions. 



The recommended minimum hitch height is 17" to make sure that the actuator is able to fully lift the roller in all snow conditions. An adapter is available to accommodate lower hitch heights.

Electric Jumbo Roller & Compactor

    • Overall width:  96"  (finisher)
    • Weight: 300 lbs 
    • Compactor width (steel):  84"
    •  Roller width:  88"
    • Roller diameter:  28"
    •  750 pounds of thrust via 12VDC Actuator
    • Finisher has double row of combs
    • $190 crating fee added to every order.
    • Crate Dimensions: is 92"x48"x29"