Wireless Control Systems

A wireless control system does not have to be difficult to install or unreliable. The major difference between wireless and fully wired is the location of the battery. A typical wireless system would put the battery inside the compaction pan. Mount the control system inside its own protective plastic box to isolate it from the aluminum compaction pan. I recommend using an AGM battery instead of a traditional lead acid battery. Lead acid batteries can leak and quickly corrode the aluminum pan.

FYI - I was an electronic engineer for 34 years before I switched over to YTS. I've developed an appreciation for parts that are available at ridiculously low prices and have a very high quality. Amazon is the easiest place to do a little research and purchase items if you know what you are looking for. It is possible to save a few $$ by purchasing near to the source, but you'll have to deal with often very slow delivery times. An actuator is controlled similar to a winch control. You may be able to find a winch controller at your local dealer which uses factory parts.

I may provide this system as an option for a Ginzugroomer someday. For now, I'll just list the parts that I recommend and have tested at the the shop. I anticipate that these parts will be reliable in the field. Use the quoted text for an internet search to find the part. The first and most important requirement is protection of your snow machine's wiring with a fuse or a breaker. A 30A breaker is recommended for the actuator that has been used on YTS products for the last 10+ years. I will be offering an electro-hydraulic actuator option in the fall of 2020 which will require a 40A breaker.

These suggested parts are to control a single actuator. If you have a Ginzugroomer with a tracksetter, you'll need either two wired systems (See "Wired Kit" below) or a dual-channel wireless control system.

Battery Disconnect Switch

$8.99 “12V/24V/48V Battery Disconnect Switch Master Isolator Switches Cut Off Kill Switch Waterproof Marine Switch for Small Yacht Marine Boat RV Car ATV Vehicles”. The disconnect switch is optional.

Fuse or Breaker

  • $6.01 “Bussmann CBC-30HB Circuit Breaker (Type I Heavy Duty Automotive with Stud Terminals and Bracket - 30 A)”. This is a Type 1 circuit breaker. When it trips, power must be removed to reset it. You can buy the covers separately.

  • $25 “Tocas 30 Amp Surface-Mount Circuit Breakers with Manual Reset, 12V- 72V DC, Waterproof (30A)”. Waterproof with pushbutton resetting.

  • $12.97 for two. “Ampper DC 12V - 24V Automatic Reset Circuit Breaker with Cover Stud Bolt for Automotive and More (30A, 2Pcs)”. This is a Type 1 circuit breaker. When it trips, power must be removed to reset it. These have plastic housings and covers which you may prefer over the Bussman breaker above.


  • $25.99 Search “12V 250A Winch Solenoid Relay Contactor” and you’ll find many examples around the same price. This is a 250A contactor. It is very heavy duty and works well. Someday I will find a smaller reversing relay/contactor but this one has such good specs for a reasonable price that it will be difficult to justify an alternative.

  • $33.16 at Waytek. "Trombetta 214-1231-A61-06 Reversing Polarity 12V DC Contactor". I've not tried this one, but it does come from a reliable supplier, Waytek, and has 250A capacity. Waytek is a good source for wiring parts.

Wired Kit using the $25 contactor from Amazon

  • $35.75/channel. Search “KIPA Winch Solenoid Relay 12V 250A & Winch Rocker Thumb Switch”.

Wireless Systems

  • $17.99 "LIEBMAYA Wireless Winch Remote Control Kit for Truck Jeep ATV SUV 12V Switch Handset". Notice that the remote control system is the same as the one below. I've listed this item separately to give you an idea that this is a very inexpensive system. You can afford to buy spare remotes.

  • $55 - “WATERWICH 12V 250A Winch Solenoid Relay Contactor+2pcs Wireless Winch Remote Control Kit” Even with its low price, this remote control system actually works very well. The look and feel of the handheld remotes do not instill confidence, but 1.) the buttons are waterproof, and 2.) they are cheap enough that you can afford to keep a spare under the seat. Coat the outside with RTV silicone to make them more waterproof. The remote control system with two remotes available separately at $15 on Amazon. This is a single channel wireless system. It is wise to assume that if you have two of these systems near each other, one button press on the remote controller will operate both systems. This system will only work for a single actuator grooming system.

  • Two Channel Wireless System - TBD


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