Wireless Control Systems

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

A wireless control system does not have to be difficult to install or unreliable. The major difference between wireless and fully wired is the location of the battery. A typical wireless system would put the battery inside the compaction pan. Mount the control system inside its own protective plastic box to isolate it from the aluminum compaction pan. I recommend using an AGM battery instead of a traditional lead acid battery. Lead acid batteries can leak and quickly corrode the aluminum pan.

FYI - I was an electronic engineer for 34 years before I switched over to YTS. I've developed an appreciation for parts that are available at ridiculously low prices and have a very high quality. Amazon is the easiest place to do a little research and purchase items if you know what you are looking for. It is possible to save a few $$ by purchasing near to the source, but you'll have to deal with often very slow delivery times. An actuator is controlled similar to a winch control. You may be able to find a winch controller at your local dealer which uses factory parts.

I may provide this system as an option for a Ginzugroomer someday. For now, I'll just list the parts that I recommend and have tested at the the shop. I anticipate that these parts will be reliable in the field. Use the quoted text for an internet search to find the part. The first and most important requirement is protection of your snow machine's wiring with a fuse or a breaker. A 30A breaker is recommended for the actuator that has been used on YTS products for the last 10+ years. I will be offering an electro-hydraulic actuator option in the fall of 2020 which will require a 40A breaker.

Update September 27, 2020: I wrote a booklet that outlines all the parts and recommendations. See this link. The link is automatically updated as changes are made to the booklet.

Quick summary: I've identified and tested a 2-channel wireless remote control system that should work well on a Ginzugroomer. The major limitation that many users will not accept is the low cost wireless remote systems use small keyfob remote controls. This many be difficult to operate in cold weather while wearing thick gloves.

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