Roller Bearings

It has come to my attention that many people do not know how to properly install and tighten the eccentric collar around the shaft bearing on the YTS rollers.

Use the following steps:

  • Install the bearing in the roller end plate as shown in the photo below. Note - this photo uses a 4-hole bearing instead of a 3-hole because that's the only 3D CAD model of a bearing I could find on the McMaster Carr website.

  • Slide the eccentric collar against the mating end of the insert inner race.

  • Snug the collar on the mating eccentric in the direction of shaft rotation.

  • Place a mild steel bar inside the hole provided by the collar and tap the collar sharply in the direction of shaft rotation and perpendicular to the shaft.

  • Tighten the setscrew in the collar to the proper torque. Use Locktite to keep it from loosening up with the vibration.

  • Re-check tightness of the setscrew and hold down bolts after 24 hours of operation to insure nothing has loosened. This check should become part of periodic maintenance including re-lube intervals.

To remove the roller bearing:

  • loosen the setscrew, then tap the collar in the direction opposite the shaft rotation.

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