Grooming Categories

  1. Basic (10% of YTS customers): If the surface gets hard, icy, or the snow too deep, most customers in this category would not bother to groom.

  2. Recreational (50%): Time or resource limited. The majority of YTS customers fall in this category. The recreational customer will groom their whole trail system in a single pass.

  3. Commercial (30%): Paid groomers who go out almost every day to prepare for a wide variety of customers, some of which will notice when the trails are not up to their standards. This type of grooming usually starts early in the morning with a drag to renovate the snow and level the trails. Their trails are long enough that the 2nd pass is an hour or more later gives the first pass time to set up. The 2nd pass uses a Ginzugroomer with the knives set to the depth of the J. The top 1-2" is lifted and mixed and the weight of the compactor box and comb will leave the perfect corrugation.

  4. Competitive (20%): Grooming for a specific event. The trails are very wide. This level of grooming often occurs overnight using a snowcat. The Ginzugroomer is used for finishing or touch-up.

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