12V Actuator Care & Feeding

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Gear case with bolts removed


As of 2/1/2019, we've added an optional heavy duty torque limiter gear as well as the rubber boot that is shown in the photos on this page. You'll find both on the DIY/Parts page.


  • Grease the screw assembly through the zerk on the side of the cylinder.

  • Remove the gearcase cover. Wipe out existing grease and any water that has condensed inside. Replace with low temperature lithium grease.

  • Add a dab of grease inside the brass bushing on the gearcase cover.

  • Reinstall cover, cleanup, and you're ready for another year!

Inside of gear case. The gear that is on the left is the torque limiter assembly. It is attached to the bottom of the screw assembly. It will slip off the shaft easily. It is indexed by a woodruff key on the shaft. Take care when removing to note the position of the woodruff key and re-align appropriately when reassembling the actuator.

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