What size Ginzugroomer should I purchase?


The 60" model is built for grooming a classic ski trail. The 60” width is better for narrow trails.  The 84" model is built for preparing skating lanes (2 passes) and classic skiing. The 84" model can be used with one or two tracksetters. The 108" model is built for ATV’s or the Alpina Sherpas. If you have any questions about more specific needs of your area, please contact us. The specifications for each Ginzugroomer size are listed in the Snowmobile Grooming Equipment section.



How much will it cost to ship my equipment?


We ship all our equipment less than truckload economy freight. We charge you what the freight company charges us. To determine what the freight charges will be for your order, we need a zip code or postal code for the delivery address. 

There is also a crating fee. 60" and 84" Ginzugroomers, and standard Rollers, are $125 per crate. 108" Ginzugroomers and Jumbo rollers are $150 per crate.  



What about shipments to Canada?


YTS ships to all Canadian Provinces. You will need a Customs Broker to clear the shipment at the border. You can use any broker of your choosing or we can provide you with an excellent broker familiar with YTS products which does "one time shipments" to all provinces. Once you set up an account with a broker, we can ship your groomer to you. 


Will I need to order parts for my groomer?


We are happy to say customers rarely require any replacement parts for YTS groomers. The most often requested part is replacement snow comb which can easily ship this via mail or economy ground. It is not necessary to purchase extra parts when you order your groomer.



Will I need to assemble my groomer when it arrives?


YTS implements arrive assembled and ready to use. Rollers and drags require no adjustments. The Ginzugroomers need to be wired to the snowmobile to work the actuators, and the snow wing screws need to be tightened (we ship them with loosened screws to ensure the wings do not break in shipping), otherwise the groomer is ready to use.  





Do I need a special snowmobile to pull YTS equipment?


You will need a "work" snowmobile to groom effectively with YTS equipment (other than the lightweight tracksetter). This is a snowmobile that has a wide track, low range, reverse, and is FAN cooled. Two popular models are the Skidoo Skandic SWT and the Yamaha VK Professional. Most snowmobile manufacturers build a "work" sled, some work better than others for grooming cross country ski trails.  Dealer support is important for service in a timely fashion. Please call us if you want to discuss particular models.


How far ahead do I need to order my equipment?


We recommend ordering your equipment early (summer or early fall) to ensure your desired delivery date. We build and ship all year long. Contact us for the current timeline.


How do I place an order?


Emails and phone calls are both good options for asking questions and placing orders. We are requesting a 25% deposit.


Do you accept payment by credit card?


Yes. YTS now accepts credit cards.

Need more information? Check out our Resource Center or give us a call today!